Oil and Acrylic Painting

Oil Paint. Raw. Unforgiving.

Pure peace.

“A story isn’t a charcoal sketch, where every stroke lies on the surface to be seen. It’s an oil painting, filled with layers that the author must uncover so carefully to show its beauty.”

Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

Cape Cod Beach Shack
24 x 36 inches oil on Canvas

Howe’s Street Beach Oil 9×12.  



Under the heart of the sky. Oil on barn board, maple syrup box top. SOLD


Mount Sugarloaf, south Deerfield Ma, 24 x30, oil.


Barn in Deerfield MA, oil, 24 x 3. 


PTown at sunset, oil 12 x12, SOLD


Corporation Beach. South Dennis. Oil painting 8 x 10 plain air.


Corporation Beach. South Dennis. Oil painting 8 x 10 plain air. SOLD


Photograph/ Imagination. Based off of Cape Cod Shore. SOLD


Chapin Beach Cape Cod
Plein Air, beach study


Plein Air South Village Beach Cape Cod

montague barn
Photograph/ Imagination. Oil and Acrylic. Barn in Montague! 



Oil on vintage maple syrup top
The Path to the Beach, oil on canvas, SOLD

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