Pen and Watercolor

Watercolor. Travel with me and keep my memories close by.

Pen. Scratch scratch scribble think.

My watercolor set, my pen, or a combination of both always travel with me. You will find many messy doodles in the sketchbook page section that combines a little of each medium. Here, on this page however, are the pieces I planned out and took my time on. They are not haphazardly thrown onto whatever drawing material I can find. Some are pen. Some are watercolor. Some a combination of many mediums including acrylic.  These pieces are a part of me in some way either though nature or through some part of a spiritual connection.

Barn in Conway
Tranquility in Central Park Sold
Along the Mount Toby Trail
Barn in Deerfield
Pen and Watercolor. I love this little painting. Small and Sturdy the roots take hold. Sold
Twin Towers
Pen and Acrylic. Twin Towers. A tribute. Not for Sale. For information about prints of this image, please contact me.
owl eyes
Pen and Acrylic. Owl Eyes. Sold
Sound of Music
Pen. This piece was done for another friend that passed away. Because of her, I hold the name Miss K near and dear to my heart. I watched the Sound of Music with her 2 days before she passed unexpectedly. For Kathy. I miss you every day. Not for sale. 
Plein Air beach in Cape Cod
 Plein air Cape Cod Beach SOLD
Pen. Reflection. Sold
The Birth of Creativity
Pen, Birth of creativity, Not for sale. Artwork damaged in a move.
Pen and Watercolor. New York City. View from Top of Rock. Sold
Pen and Watercolor. Serenity. Sold
Pen and watercolor. In the wild. Sold
Pen and watercolor. Munchies. Sold
A calming view
Pen and watercolor. Fly Away. Sold
Out Back
Plein Air. Pen and Watercolor. Tree Line. Sold.
Plein Air. Pen and Watercolor. Tall flower. Sold



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